You’re entitled to safety at work. If you have been injured at work, or work has taken a toll on your physical or mental health, you may be entitled to benefits and compensation.

The first, and most important step you need to take to protect yourself (and others) is to report your injury or health problem to your workplace in writing. Do this by completing a WorkCover claim form, and getting a WorkCover medical certificate from your doctor. Keep copies of these documents when you lodge them with WorkCover and give them to your employer. Make sure you do this within 30 days of your accident or work-related health problem being identified. If you want to be talked through these preliminary steps free of charge, you’re welcome to get in touch with Rightside Legal.

Injuries and illness are expensive. If you’ve been hurt because of work, you shouldn’t end up paying for the costs of your treatment and recovery. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to a variety of benefits, including medical care, the costs of your hospitalisation, nursing care, ambulance costs, household and personal services, rehabilitation and allied health (such as physiotherapy or psychology costs), the costs of the aids and equipment you require, and expenses you end up paying because of your illness, such as medication.

If your injury or illness forces you to have time off work, you may also be entitled to benefits to replace the wages you have lost.

Unfortunately not everyone makes a good recovery from workplace injuries or accidents. If you are or might be in that position, you may be entitled to claim a lump sum of compensation or  to common law damages for your pain and suffering and to restore you to the financial position you would have been in if the injury or illness hadn’t happened.

Navigating the WorkCover process can be slow, frustrating and confusing, particularly if you’re still unwell. It helps to have a sensible, experienced lawyer on your side to guide you through the process. Get in touch with Rightside Legal for an obligation free discussion about the dates you need to be aware of and the pitfalls to avoid in making your claim for benefits and compensation.

A teacher who suffered a severe psychiatric injury as a consequence of work, and who was ultimately awarded more than one million dollars by the Victorian Supreme Court, had this to say about his lawyers Michael Magazanik and Grace Wilson:

“(We) would like to express our deep and sincere gratitude for the way you both achieved justice for us…you have been unfailingly professional and caring…we felt we were in expert hands at all times and felt supported and confident throughout. Your representation was characterised by your unmatched work ethic, your legal know-how and your extremely efficient communication…please know that you have made an immensely positive impact on our lives.”