People worry about lawyers and fees, often for good reason. We’ll work on a no fee basis until we win your claim. You only pay fees when your compensation sum is received. A lot of law firms promise ‘no win, no fee’ but sometimes the fine print tells a different story – you don’t pay for your lawyers’ time, but you do pay for expert fees and other bills. At Rightside we are clear. If we enter into a no win, no fee agreement with you, we pay. You don’t pay us anything while the claim is running. At the end of a successful claim we insist that the defendants pay the greatest possible share of your legal costs, leaving you with as small a bill as possible. Rightside Legal can sometimes take things further still. In many cases, after discussion with you, we’ll also put a cap on the fees you pay to give you extra certainty.

Always remember that fees are only one side of the equation. The other side is results. You need an experienced committed lawyer who’s going to get you 100% of what your claim’s worth.