Caroline Lovell died in January 2012 hours after giving birth at home to a baby daughter.

In March this year, Coroner Peter White found the death was preventable and that Caroline’s chief midwife Gaye Demanuele had effectively allowed Caroline to bleed to death in the birthing pool.

Coroner White also found that Ms Demanuele rejected Caroline’s pleas for an ambulance to be called and that she’d done so because of a bias against hospital medicine. Coroner White referred Ms Demanuele’s behaviour to the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions to consider whether criminal charges against Ms Demanuele would be appropriate.

Rightside Legal lawyer Michael Magazanik is representing Caroline’s mother Jade Markiewicz in a legal action against the two midwives, Demanuele and Melody Bourne. Michael also appeared for Jade during the coronial inquiry.

Jade has started a campaign for improved protection for mothers planning a home birth.

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