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For survivors of childhood sexual abuse in schools and institutions, bringing a claim can be a challenging experience. It’s essential that you are represented by an empathetic, experienced and skilful lawyer.

If you were abused and want advice about your prospects of a legal case for compensation, we can help.

We have succeeded in cases on behalf of abuse survivors against the Government, state and private schools and church bodies.

We are not afraid of powerful and rich defendants. We do not back down. We do not haggle your rights away.

We ran and won the most recent Court case for an abuse survivor in Australia. We got Court orders to set aside old, unfair settlements with the Church in the first Western Australian cases of their kind.

We’ll treat you with respect, dignity, and thoughtfulness. We will prepare your case properly, and get the best possible result.

I settled my abuse case years ago. Can I make a claim today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to law reform in both states, abuse survivors in Victoria and Western Australia can ask the Court to set aside an old, unfair agreement they entered into when their legal rights were compromised, and ask for fair compensation.

That means a chance at real compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses, even if you signed a document in the past agreeing not to bring a claim. If you want advice about what this means for you, don’t go back to your old lawyer. Rightside Legal are the industry leaders in setting aside unfair agreements for abuse survivors.

Ask us about our track record of success in setting deeds aside, including our historic win for the first abuse survivor in WA to use the law reforms to secure a million dollar settlement.

Some schools, churches and other organisations where sexual abuse was sadly common have their own mechanisms for dealing with claims for survivors of abuse. This includes the National Redress Scheme. Don’t accept any offer to settle your claim, or to accept an “top-up” payment on your past settlement, without getting independent legal advice from an experienced lawyer who is on your side.

Western Australian Sexual Abuse Cases

For decades survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Western Australia have been legally powerless, thanks to old laws which said their time to bring a case for compensation expired in early childhood.

As a result, hundreds of WA survivors accepted insultingly small sums of money as compensation, and many others have never made claims.
The rules have finally changed.

New laws are in place. Survivors can bring a case for compensation. Even if you have previously accepted an inadequate compensation sum and signed a deed giving up your legal rights, you’re entitled to ask a Judge to set that old agreement aside and ask for full financial compensation.

Current Projects

Right now Rightside is working for survivors of abuse in State Schools, Government institutions, Christian Brothers institutions, Marist Brothers Schools, Church homes, and private schools including Geelong Grammar and Trinity Grammar. In August 2017 we obtained a total of $7 million in compensation for 10 men who’d been abused by a single paedophile teacher in Victorian Government schools.

Vincent Reynolds Claims

Rightside Legal is working for a large group of former Victorian state school students who were abused by teacher Vincent Reynolds at schools around Ballarat and in North East Victoria.

Reynolds has pleaded guilty to over forty indecent assault charges in the County Court. He abused students for over 30 years, despite repeatedly being reported to Education authorities.

If you have any information about Reynolds, please get in touch with Rightside Legal.

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