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$2.7 Million Win For Geelong College Abuse Survivor

A Rightside Legal client has won the biggest ever verdict in an Australian institutional abuse claim, with the Victorian Supreme Court ordering Geelong College to pay our client over $2.7 million over sexual abuse he suffered as a child at the school.

The abuser, Bert Palframan, was a volunteer at Geelong College’s woodwork centre.

See news coverage about our client’s successful claim here and here.

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Rightside Legal has broken new legal ground in the first ever judgment against the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

The Archdiocese has been ordered to pay $1.9 million to a Rightside client, who was assaulted as a 11 year old by his priest. The Court rejected the Church’s arguments that it was not responsible for what happened to our client, and ordered that he be paid compensation.

Read more about our client’s win here and here.

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