If you’ve been injured because of another person’s negligence you may have a legal claim. These sort of injuries can occur in any number of ways: falling into an open pit on the footpath; being attacked and mauled by an unrestrained dog; falling at a shopping centre; being seriously hurt because of inadequate safety gear while playing sport. Your injuries can be physical or psychological. You might have to take time off work or run up medical expenses. You might need surgery.

Many of these sort of injuries occur in public places where the occupier (the shopping centre management or the council for example) has a duty to ensure the area is safe. If you’ve been injured and you think it was because of a failure on the part of another person or organisation, get in touch with us. We’ll look into your accident and injury, and give you some obligation-free information about your rights.

Navigating the legal side of your recovery from your injury can be complicated. There are time limits which apply to making public liability legal claims, and injury thresholds which impact on your right to take legal action. Identifying the party you have a claim against and their insurance position is complicated. If you don’t have a skilful lawyer with experience in making claims guiding you through the process, you might be missing out on compensation that could help you recover, or if your accident is extremely serious, adjust to a changed lifestyle.

After an accident, it’s best to move quickly, so that important information about the circumstances of your injury can be collected. You can help in that by taking photographs of the accident scene (take lots of them, on the day preferably or as soon afterwards as possible) and collecting witness names and details.

And remember: if you’ve been injured and an insurer offers you a small sum to settle your claim make sure you get legal advice before you sign away your rights. In fact, don’t even discuss the matter with the insurer before getting advice.