Rightside has dedicated sexual abuse lawyers in Melbourne and Perth. If you’re a survivor of institutional sexual abuse, you may be entitled to civil compensation. This is true even if the abuser has never been charged with a criminal offence or convicted.

Western Australia sex abuse claims

From 2 July 2018 Western Australia will allow survivors of historic  sexual abuse to sue those responsible for their abuse. For decades WA childhood victims have been legally powerless – thanks to old laws which said their time to bring a legal claim expired in early adulthood.

As a result of their legal disadvantage, hundreds of WA survivors have accepted insultingly small sums of money as compensation and many others have never made claims. From 2 July, WA abuse survivors will have legal rights the equivalent of those in other states of Australia.

As well as abolishing time limits, the new laws say that even if you’ve previously accepted an inadequate compensation sum and signed a deed giving up your legal rights, you’re entitled to try and persuade a judge to set aside the deed and let you take legal action.

Rightside Legal – our track record

Rightside Legal’s abuse lawyers  have a strong record of representing survivors of sexual abuse. Our lawyers have obtained the most recent successful Australian court verdict for a survivor, and a large number of settlements ranging as high as almost $2 million in cases of severe abuse and extensive damage.

In the case which went to trial, Rightside Legal won a $725,000 verdict for a 52-year-old man who had been abused by a primary school teacher as a child and developed a serious anxiety disorder as a result.

Rightside Legal – our approach

We are not afraid of powerful and rich defendants. We do not back down. We do not haggle your rights away. We have succeeded in abuse cases against the Government, private schools and church bodies. We have also gone up against (and beaten) pharmaceutical companies and asbestos defendants.

In every case Rightside Legal will prepare your case properly and win the best possible result. It’s what we do.

Rightside Legal – Perth office

Rightside Legal has opened a Perth office. We are preparing claims for survivors of abuse, including people who were in Christian Brother orphanages and in state care, and those abused by teachers in state government and private schools.

To speak with a Rightside Legal lawyer email us here or telephone us on 0448 152 204.

We’ll give you honest and forthright advice. And if you engage us, we’ll get you the best possible result.


Current projects

Right now Rightside is working for survivors of abuse in State Schools, Government institutions, Christian Brothers institutions,  Marist Brothers Schools, Church homes, and private schools including Geelong Grammar and Trinity Grammar. In August 2017 we obtained a total of $7 million in compensation for 10 men who’d been abused by a single paedophile teacher in Victorian Government schools.

Your entitlements

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to claim compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages. Of course you can only recover compensation via a civil claim if the abuser – or another body like an employer or a Church – is partly responsible and has the capacity to pay compensation. That’s why most successful claims are brought against an institution (a church, a school etc) as well as the individual abuser.

But even where a successful civil claim is not possible, you may be entitled to compensation through the Commonwealth Redress scheme (which starts taking effect on 1 July 2018), various Church compensation schemes and the Victims of Crime scheme. For survivors, bringing a claim can be a challenging experience. It’s essential that you are represented by an empathetic, experienced and skilful lawyer. At Rightside Legal, we’ll treat you with respect and fight hard to get you 100% of the compensation you’re entitled to.

Remember, some schools, churches, and other organisations where sexual abuse was sadly common have their own mechanisms for dealing with claims of survivors. Don’t accept any offer to settle your claim without getting independent advice. Legal advice from an experienced lawyer who is on your side is essential to getting the right outcome.

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