Asbestos Exposure Legal Claim FAQs

I’ve been exposed to asbestos. Can I bring a case?

If you have an asbestos related illness (like mesothelioma, asbestosis or asbestos-caused lung cancer) then you probably have a good legal case for compensation. This is true even if you are elderly, or are not quite sure how or when you were exposed to asbestos, and if you have other health challenges. We can give you free advice about your individual circumstances.

What can I claim?

Depending on your circumstances, can be compensated for:

– Pain and suffering.
– Reduced life expectancy.
– The cost of treatment, including expensive immunotherapy if your doctors think it might be useful to you.
– The cost of palliative care.
– The loss of services you were providing to any dependent family member.
– Loss of income, if you were working when you became ill.
– The cost of the care and support your family or loved ones provide while you are unwell.

I am unwell and need to focus on other things. Should I still speak to a lawyer?

Yes. Asbestos claims can be handled very quickly and non-intrusively by a properly experienced lawyer.

A claim can often be organised with only one or two in person meetings with your lawyer. These meetings can be arranged with family members or a trusted friend present, at your home, in hospital, or wherever is most convenient for you. The lawyer will be able to give you clear advice about whether your case is straightforward or complicated quickly, and should be frank with you about what it will involve.

After that, if you prefer to minimise your ongoing contact with the lawyers, you can ask a trusted family member or friend to talk to the lawyers for you.

What questions should I ask when I am choosing my lawyer?

There are good and bad lawyers out there. Satisfy yourself that the lawyer you are speaking to knows what they are doing. Ask questions including:

– How fast the firm works. Are they usually able to resolve cases quickly, so that you can get on with things?
– How much they charge. Can they give you certainty that you’ll end up with most of the compensation money?
– Whether they have taken asbestos claims to trial. The better the lawyer is at running trials, the more likely it is that that the other side will agree to pay you full compensation without going to Court.
– What they can do to minimise the demands of the legal case on you.